Colin O’Brady, a 33- year-old American traveler, ended up being the very first individual to cross Antarctica alone and unaided on Wednesday, when he reached the Ross Ice Rack.

Everyone who tried to travel throughout the southern continent prior to O’Brady either quit or passed away. O’Brady, nevertheless, reached his goal in just 54 days, finishing a 932- mile journey well ahead of his 70- day objective.

Considering That he did not get resupplied at any point, O’Brady needed to bring all of his equipment and food on a 400- pound sled as he skied The majority of the sled’s weight originated from the traveler’s food; he required to take in about 7,000 calories each day throughout the trek. His meals included oatmeal, freeze-dried suppers like chili, and unique energy bars.

Since Friday, O’Brady was still in Antarctica, waiting by the Leverett Glacier for British explorer Louis Rudd to finish the exact same objective. The 49- year-old anticipates to reach the goal on Saturday.

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Prior to starting his journey, O’Brady informed Organisation Expert about how he trained psychologically and physically. Here’s what his regular appeared like in the months leading up to this historical accomplishment.