Natalie Portman stars as an astronaut who begins to unwind after returning from area in Lucy in the Sky

A female astronaut go back to Earth and begins a down mental spiral in the very first trailer for Lucy in the Sky, an upcoming movie from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Lucy in the Sky informs the story of married astronaut Lucy Soda pop (Portman), who has an affair with fellow astronaut Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm). When he discards her for another lady in the program, she starts to lose her grip on truth. Initially entitled Pale Blue Dot, the film is the feature-film launching for director Noah Hawley, whose TELEVISION credits consist of Fargo and Legion Reese Witherspoon was at first thought about for the lead function of Lucy however left to shoot the 2nd season of Huge Little Lies Portman came aboard rather, making this a minimum of her 2nd song-titled movie along with Jane Got a Weapon

The movie is loosely based upon the real-world case of NASA astronaut and United States Naval officer Lisa Nowak, who ended up being included with fellow astronaut William Oefelein in 2004 after his divorce. The affair lasted a number of years, till Nowak found her enthusiast had actually taken up with a Flying force engineer called Colleen Shipman. In February 2007, Nowak drove from Houston to Orlando International Airport with a vehicle filled with kidnapping equipment (consisting of an 8-inch folding knife) and faced Shipman in her vehicle in the airport parking area. Nowak copped a guilty plea in 2009 and got 2 years’ probation; she likewise got an “ aside from respectable” discharge from the Navy.

The case especially raised concerns about the mental results of long-lasting area objectives, in addition to how well NASA evaluates its astronauts for psychological stability, styles that plainly notify Lucy in the Sky That’s made the movie some advance criticism for its mentioned facility from retired astronaut Marsha Ivins about how Hollywood misrepresents female astronauts: “Hollywood might think about spaceflight distressing, and definitely our moms do, however astronauts do not,” she composed for Time in 2017.

Approved, the movie was still being cast when Ivins composed her short article, so the criticism was early. However I’m unsure there’s anything in this trailer that will put her issues to rest. We initially see Lucy throughout a spacewalk, enthralled by the sight of Earth in the evening, till her fellow astronaut (Goodwin) informs her, “Time to cover it up. We’re going house.” Then we see her back in the world and get a series of flashbacks– her partner and kids, the starts of her affair with Goodwin– sprinkled with a voiceover counting down.

” I simply feel a little off,” Lucy confesses. “You increase there and see the entire universe, and whatever here simply appears so little.” Goodwin sympathizes, keeping in mind that whatever she saw in area “blew your mind, and now absolutely nothing else make good sense.” However hey, short lived peek of a handgun aside, she’s most likely great. Right?

Lucy in the Sky strikes theaters later on this year.

Noting image by YouTube/Fox Searchlight Pictures