A spectacular video shot by a Dutch astronomer recorded a string of approximately 60 Starlink satellites zooming throughout the night sky, one day after they were introduced into orbit.

The video reveals the “train” of satellites speeding in a straight line as they orbit around the earth.

The astronomer, Marco Langbroek, composed in a post that he had actually determined the search orbit himself to learn when they would go by, and “stood prepared” with his cam. The train zoomed by within 3 minutes of his anticipated time.

“It began with 2 faint, flashing items moving into the field of vision. Then, a couple of 10s of seconds later on, my jaw dropped as the ‘train’ went into the field of vision,” Langbroek composed. “I might not assist yelling ‘OAAAAAH!!!!’ (followed by a couple of curs …).”

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The satellites were introduced Thursday night by SpaceX, Elon Musk’s rocket business. The business’s objective is to eventually introduce approximately 12,000 of the telecoms satellites, with the intent of forming a network that might offer web gain access to throughout the earth and relocation web traffic almost to the speed of light in a vacuum.

Dave Mosher contributed reporting.