A previous Google staff member released an unvarnished account of her relationship with the business’s leading legal executive, declaring that David Drummond fathered a kid with her while he was wed and abused her mentally, in a scathing review of an “overbearing and entitled” business culture that safeguards Google’s “elite males.”

Jennifer Blakely, who worked as a supervisor in Google’s legal department start in 2001, in-depth her experience in a post on Wednesday entitled “ My Time at Google and After.”

“I endured it very first hand and I think a business’s culture, its behavioral patterns, begin at the top,” she composed.

Blakely’s post offers an in-depth, direct account of accusations detailed in a bombshell New york city Times piece from last October which discussed her relationship with Drummond, in addition to declaring the business’s multi-million payments of leaving executives in the middle of unwanted sexual advances claims.

Google did not instantly react to Company Expert’s ask for discuss the matter.

The post comes as Google has actually been rocked by many accusations of sexual misbehavior and improper relationships amongst its leading male executives. In 2015, staff members at Google’s workplaces throughout the world staged a walkout to object the business’s handling of harassment reports.

“Do not anticipate me back. I’m never ever returning.”

Blakely stated her and Drummond’s relationship began in 2004 when the 2 both operated in the business’s legal department. Drummond was still wed, however he was separated from his spouse at the time, according to Blakely. The 2 would have a kid together in2007


By that time, Google had actually prohibited relationships in between those in a “direct-reporting line” and due to the fact that Drummond was primary counsel (or, head of the legal department) their relationship breached business policy. Blakey was asked by personnels to relocate to the sales group, where, she stated, she had little experience.

Blakely stated she had a hard time in her brand-new function, ended up being depressed, and ultimately chose to leave the business, positive that Drummond, who at that point had actually relocated with her and their child, would “secure us.”

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However by October 2008, Blakely stated, things altered.

One night, after needing to leave a supper celebration early to take care of their ill child, Blakely stated she got a text from Drummond that checked out: “Do not anticipate me back. I’m never ever returning.”

Blakely stated that undoubtedly, Drummond never ever returned.

Ever Since, Blakely stated the past 11 years have actually been filled with custody fights and Drummond handling the circumstance “solely on his terms.”

“If I challenged his terms, if I didn’t ‘play ball,’ he would penalize me by penalizing our child,” Blakely composed. “Months or years would pass where he would not see him or react to my calls or texts with updates and images of him and even ask how he was doing.”

On one event, which Blakely explained in her piece, Drummond pertained to visit their child and while doing so, the tech officer revealed her a Daily Mail short article detailing then Google Executive Chairman and previous CEO Eric Schmidt’s open marital relationship and affairs with more youthful females.

Eric Schmidt
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“The short article was obviously a suggestion to me of how things worked,” Blakely composed. “David was (and is) an effective executive.”

This previous November, Blakely stated seeing 20,000 Google staff members object how the business safeguards its “elite males” brought tears to her eyes.

Today, David Drummond stays Alphabet’s Senior Vice President of business advancement and Chief Legal Officer. His function, nevertheless, appears to have actually vacated the general public eye since late. At this year’s yearly investor conference, for example, an occasion Drummond consistently hosted, the primary counsel was rather seated in the audience, off-stage.

Last October, in an e-mail to staff members, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that 48 staff members had actually been fired as an outcome of unwanted sexual advances claims over the previous 2 years, 13 of which were senior supervisors or held more senior posts.