• Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter’s layoffs was “inhumane,” an ex-Twitter worker said, per the LA Times.
  • Amir Shevat filed arbitration claims against Musk after being laid off, per the report.
  • Some Twitter staff found out they’d been laid off when they were locked out of work laptops.

A senior Twitter employee who was laid off has described Elon Musk’s method of cutting jobs as “really inhumane,” the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.

Amir Shevat was the head of product for the developer platform at Twitter until he was laid off after Musk took over the company. Shevat indicated through a series of tweets in early November that his time at Twitter had come to an end.

Since losing his job, Shevat has filed arbitration claims against Elon Musk with the help of attorney Lisa Bloom, per the LA Times. Shevat was one of three ex-Twitter employees who spoke during a press conference on Monday hosted by Bloom, the LA Times reported.

“The way Elon Musk executed the layoffs was really inhumane,” Shevat said in the conference, cited by the LA Times.

Shevat wrote in a tweet on November 5 that Twitter had lost much of its diverse workforce during the layoffs, and described the outcome as “heartbreaking.” He also tweeted about how Musk’s “hardcore” ultimatum will leave employees with work visas with no option but to work for Twitter.

In another tweet in mid-November, Shevat said Twitter could have handled its decisions with “curiosity, humbleness, respect, and professional communication,” but failed to do so.

Shevat and Twitter didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment made outside of normal US working hours.

Thousands of Twitter employees have been laid off, resigned, or fired since Musk took over. The layoff process for Twitter staff has been similar, with work laptops cutting off access and notices of termination being sent to employees’ personal email accounts, sources told Insider’s Kali Hays.

The most recent round of layoffs happened on the night before Thanksgiving, despite Musk saying there would be no more layoffs at the company.

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