Oh Maclaren Mark II, how we will miss you!

You were the 7 pound light that entered into our lives when we were tired from attempting to fold and unfold our too-big, too-heavy, too cumbersome City Minutes stroller How you squeezed into bodegas and held up against many poundings by luggage handlers. Bear in mind that time I forgot you on a terrace in the rain? Yet there you were, the next early morning, looking more resplendent than ever.

I will permanently miss your big sunshade, your generous freight hold (to be reasonable, I kept more of my things there than my kid’s things) and your capability to fold and unfold with one hand, even while bring a huge young child and a handbag. I am so delighted I included a cupholder to you, to accommodate my tea. I will stay permanently grateful for your smooth flight even on rough surface, and your unequaled strength (keep in mind when I utilized you as a running stroller on a dirt roadway for 6 miles?). Sorry for that time I spilled a hot latte all over you, and the time a pigeon attempted to arrive on you. Sorry for the time my kid utilized you to tear down a lot of girls at the airport. May you bring your next household as much pleasure and usage as you have actually brought ours. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Kavi is going to Hawaii for holiday later on this month, and will leave the Maclaren Mark II at her hotel for future visitors with children to utilize as needed. It “still has a great deal of miles left,” she informed me on Slack, “however we are a scooter home now.”