The market value of FANTAMAN  the amalgam of prominent tech stocks led by Apple and Microsoft  has swelled by a gut-punching $1.87 trillion this year, representing 36% growth in just seven months.

FANTAMAN may seem merely a catchy iteration of Wall Street insider acronyms like FANG. However, it’s no joke. FANTAMAN represents the most powerful tech companies in the US: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, and NVIDIA.

Collectively, those eight companies are worth $7.267 trillion. To help put the sheer size of that number in perspective, that’s $2 trillion more the combined GDP of the United Kingdom and France (in 2018).


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Chart made with Flourish, TradingView data.

FANTAMAN encompasses many of this year’s market storylines. Take ecommerce giant Amazon: at the start of the year, it was valued at just under $1 trillion, virtually equal to Google parent Alphabet.

But as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, the dramatic shift to remote work and education drove demand for online shopping, but sank Google’s advertising revenue.

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Both companies would go on to secure that third comma, but Amazon’s relentless stock rallies have solidified its place as by far the third-largest in the US, with a market cap of $1.52 trillion. Alphabet‘s is currently $1.06 trillion.

There’s also Tesla, the electric car slash battery wunderstock. Its market cap has more-than tripled, making Elon Musk one of the richest billionaires in the world.

Not to mention, NVIDIA eclipsed Intel to become the most valuable US chipmaker last month, a feat no company had achieved since 2014.

The best and worst days for FANTAMAN this year

FANTAMAN recently had some of its best market days; two of its biggest daily value increases occurred in July, when it grew $242 billion on the 6th and $298.2 billion on the 20th.

But there were definitely some grim moments. March 16th, which has since been labeled “Black Monday II,” wiped more than $611 billion from FANTAMAN’s value  nearly six times Bitcoin’s entire market cap lost in just one day.

Four days earlier, it had lost $462.4 billion, and $361 billion three days before that.

It was really volatile in March. Chart made with Flourish, TradingView data.

As for what’s next for FANTAMAN and its constituents: the burning question for finance fans is whether the S&P 500 index will adopt Tesla now that it’s returned four consecutive profitable quarters.

While there’s no certainty and this shouldn’t be considered investment advice, some analysts say the S&P nod could push Tesla‘s stock price even higher. That, of course, would only serve to add to FANTAMAN rotund girth in the second half of 2020.


Published July 23, 2020 — 18:29 UTC