Android developer Andy Rubin was supposedly associated with running a “sex ring” with a minimum of one lady, and is implicated of cheating his ex-wife out of countless dollars in their prenuptial arrangement, according to a civil problem unsealed on Tuesday in connection with another case.

The files were initially shared by Buzzfeed News’ Ryan Mac A legal representative for Rubin states that the problem has lots of “incorrect claims.”

“This is a household law conflict including an other half who regrets her choice to perform a prenuptial arrangement. It has lots of incorrect claims and we eagerly anticipate informing our side of the story,” an attorney for Rubin informed Company Expert.

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In the unsealed problem, one lady, who is described as “M,” was supposedly dealing with Rubin in what the filing refers to as a “sex ring.” “M” would “accept carry out different sexual show numerous guys,” have it recorded for “the pleasure of Rubin and other guys,” and after that, would make love with Rubin “off-camera,” according to the files.

The information concerning Rubin’s supposed adulterous affairs shed brand-new light on in 2015’s New york city Times report which declared the Android developer had actually been associated with “ownership relationships” with numerous ladies throughout his marital relationship. According to the problem, Rubin would “spend for their costs in exchange for using them to other guys.”

Central to the problem is the allegation that Rubin cheated Rie Rubin, his now-former partner, out of a great deal of cash by having her indication a prenuptial arrangement days prior to their wedding event, while she was pregnant with their kid, without properly revealing that his attorney had actually represented him in a previous divorce. That dispute of interest, along with the remainder of the story, form a basis for revoking the arrangement, Rie Rubin argues in the problem.

With the problem, Rie Rubin is looking for to revoke that prenuptial arrangement, with which she states that Rubin had the ability to leave out a few of his individual properties from being covered by the arrangement– including what seems his part of the follows the sale of Rubin’s previous business Threat to Microsoft in 2008

Specifics of that offer were edited in the files. Nevertheless, the files state that Rubin’s net worth went from about $103 million at the time of their marital relationship, approximately an approximated $350 million today.

Last fall, when news broke that Google paid Rubin a $90 million exit bundle regardless of numerous cases of harassment apparently having actually been brought versus him, a significant debate was stirred internally at the tech giant. Some 20,000 staff members worldwide staged a walkout in demonstration of Rubin’s payment and the business’s total handling of harassment cases, particularly among executives.

At the time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that over the previous 2 years, 48 staff members had actually been fired for sexual misbehavior, 13 of whom held senior positions at the business.

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