There’s a lot of contrast, Ed.
And presently, it’s upside down on our display, however we can construct out a reasonable quantity of information.
There is Armstrong.
You can see it moving.
There’s a foot boiling down.
There it is, there’s a foot boiling down the actions.
Okay, I simply inspected returning approximately that primary step.
The strut isn’t collapsed too far, however it’s appropriate to return up.
I’m going to step off the LM now.
That’s one little action for male.
One huge leap for humanity.
[INAUDIBLE] on the surface area of the moon.
On this July 20 th, 1960[UNKNOWN]
He’s on the moon!
Take a look at him, he’s on the moon!
Informal time on the primary step 01: 09: 24:20
There appears to be no problem in moving as we thought.
It’s even possibly simpler than the simulations of one 6th G that we carried out in the numerous simulations on the ground.
I’ll march and take a few of my very first photos here.
It has a plain charm all its own.
It resembles much of the high desert of the United States.
It’s various however it’s extremely quite out here.
That bathrooms lovely from here, Neil.
Are you all set for me to come out?
He’s running about 1400 ft.
to you.
Are you all set?
All set.
Your toes will come by the sill.
Now drop your PLSS down.
There you go; you’re clear.
You have actually got 3 more actions and after that a long one.
I’m going to leave that a person foot up there and both by far to about the 4th called.
Isn’t that something?
Magnificat sight out here.
Magnificant desolation.
Neil is now revealing the plaque.
Inform me if you have actually got a photo, Houston.
We have actually got a stunning image, Neil.
Underneath is states here males from the world Earth initially set upon the moon, July 1969, A.D
. We was available in peace for all humanity.
It has the team members’ signatures and the signature of the President of the United States.
Harmony Base, this is Houston.
Could we get both of you on the electronic camera for a minute, please?