Apple is closing both of its shops in a particular district in Eastern Texas, and opening a brand-new one simply throughout the district’s border, reports Joe Rossignol at MacRumors.

This a fantastic method for Apple to brush off pesky suits from so-called patent giants, while likewise offering the cold shoulder to the town that permitted those giants to grow.

Although Apple has not openly revealed these closings, sources informed MacRumors that the 2 shops in concern remain in the northern residential areas of Dallas in Plano, Texas, and in Frisco, Texas. Both of them lie in the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The brand-new shop will be opened at the Galleria Dallas, which is physically extremely near the other shops, however, by the nature of how the district lines are drawn, lies within the jurisdiction of the Northern District court.

Texas’ Eastern District is notorious in the tech world as the court of option for taking legal action against somebody over patent violation. Patent suits attempted there, even jury cases, tend to be won by the complainant And since of that, the Eastern District has actually been a blessing for so-called patent giants– business that purchase up patents then walk around taking legal action against huge corporations for patent violation, although the brand-new patent owner didn’t create the tech or utilize it to develop an item.

However in May 2017, the United States Supreme Court struck a blow to patent giants by ruling that violation suits needed to be submitted in the state where the business lives, which tends to indicate the state in which the business is integrated. Such fits can no longer be submitted in a federal court of the complainant’s picking, with a huge exception: If the complainant might reveal that the offender had a recognized workplace in the district where the match was submitted, they might still take legal action against because district’s court, reported the Washington Post.

For That Reason, Apple, among the business often targeted for patent lawsuits, is leaving the Eastern Texas district, according to the report.

And there’s another whammy in Apple’s choice: any taxes or lease area payments the shops supplied to the location will be taken in other places also, as another blow to the location.

Patent lawsuits is among the banes of the tech market. The Supreme Court has in the previous number of years provided ruling to attempt and squash business of patent trolling. It might not last, however. The Electronic Frontier Structure, a guard dog group for concerns affecting the tech market, cautioned previously this month that the Patent Workplace is attempting to enforce brand-new guidelines that might thin down a few of those judgments.

Apple did not instantly react to an ask for remark.