There was mayhem on the web late last night after 9to5Mac found a bug in Apple’s FaceTime video calling app that let you hear other individual’s voice even prior to they addressed your call. According to the report, a user running iOS 12.1 might possibly make use of the vulnerability to be all ears on others through a group FaceTime call.

What’s more, The Edge kept in mind if the recipient disregarded or dismissed the call utilizing the power button, their video feed was streamed to the caller.

Apple has now handicapped the group FaceTime function and stated it’ll provide a repair later on today. The business’s system status page shows that the function is “momentarily not available”.

Apple disables group facetime function

The problem was so major that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and even Andrew Cuomo, guv of the state of New york city, weighed in and advised their fans to disable FaceTime.

That’s bad news for a business that’s been singing about personal privacy and consumer information defense recently. The timing could not be even worse, considered that Apple is set to host its profits require the October-December quarter of 2018 in simply a matter of hours. Good idea the business reacted in a prompt way to disable the function, however.