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Apple has got rid of all 181 vaping-related apps from the iOS App Shop, Axios reported on Friday early morning. The relocation follows increasing issue about the possible health effects of vaping.

A few of the prohibited apps offered news and info about vaping. Some were vaping-themed video games. There were likewise apps that enabled users to change the temperature level and other settings on their vaping gadgets.

To prevent breaking performance for existing clients, Apple is permitting them to continue utilizing vaping apps currently on their gadgets– and to move them to brand-new gadgets. However brand-new users will not have the ability to download these apps, and brand-new vaping apps can’t be released on Apple’s shop.

Given that their creation, e-cigarettes have actually dealt with concerns about their security. Producers have actually depicted them as a much safer option to cigarettes, however critics– consisting of the Fda— state business have not shown these claims clinically. The innovation is so brand-new that the long-lasting health effects aren’t yet clear.

Critics are especially stressed over increasing teenager vaping. While traditional teenager smoking cigarettes has actually been on the decrease for years, those gains have actually been mainly balanced out by a increase in e-cigarette usage amongst high school trainees. The Fda is preparing to restriction flavored vaping items to lower their attract kids.

In current months, health authorities have actually faced a more immediate issue: numerous individuals have fallen ill after utilizing vaping gadgets. Authorities have actually connected the majority of the diseases to off-brand vaping liquids– specifically those including THC, the primary active component in cannabis. One possible perpetrator: a kind of vitamin E, typical in skin creams, that might end up being damaging to the lungs if vaporized. This kind of vitamin E has actually been discovered in some vaping liquids.

Up until now, these severe illness appear to affect a little minority of vaping users who utilize vaping liquids from informal sources. Customers who adhere to mainstream vaping items do not appear to have actually been impacted.