• Apple states that some iPhone SIX and SIX Plus designs have an issue where a part can stop working and avoid the phone from switching on.
  • It just impacts gadgets that were produced in between October 2018 and August 2019, Apple states.
  • Here’s the site where you can plug in your iPhone’s identification number and see if you were impacted by the concern– and where you can ready up with your repair work.
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If you’re still rocking the four-year-old iPhone SIX or SIX Plus, there’s a minor possibility you might have encountered a huge issue where the phone just stops switching on.

The silver lining here, if there is one, is that Apple stated on Friday that it will repair that issues free of charge.

” Apple has actually identified that particular iPhone sixes and iPhone sixes Plus gadgets might not power on due to a part that might stop working,” Apple states on a site devoted to the concern “This concern just impacts gadgets within a restricted identification number variety that were produced in between October 2018 to August 2019.”

If you believe your iPhone 6 or SIX undergoes the issue, you can go to that website and plug in your identification number, and Apple will set you up with a repair work.

The iPhone 6S holds a crucial difference in Apple history: It was the last of the numbered iPhone line to come with an earphone jack, prior to it was secured in 2016’s iPhone 7.

That’s caused some ongoing love for a gadget that’s otherwise getting long in the tooth, specs-wise– and why lots of were distressed when Apple unceremoniously ceased the iPhone 6S, and the likewise headphone-jacked iPhone SE, in2018