Microsoft and Samsung revealed that they’re collaborating to bring text messaging to Windows 10 computer systems for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users.

That’s great. The brand-new Galaxy Note 10 has Microsoft’s “Your Phone” function constructed into the phone, prepared to get in touch with your Microsoft account. When you set it up, you can begin sending out and responding text from the Your Phone computer system app on your Windows 10 maker.

It’s something that Apple users have actually been utilized to for many years now, and it’s not surprisingly a consider why Apple fans do not wish to leave the Apple community.

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However the Your Phone app isn’t simply suitable with the Galaxy Note 10: Microsoft launched the app in 2015, and it works with basically every Android phone out there. Simply download the Your Phone app on your Android phone and Windows 10 computer system and set it up.

Your Phone wasn’t reputable when I initially attempted it in 2015, and I stopped utilizing it quite rapidly as an outcome. However it’s enhanced, and I now feel comfy in utilizing it every day.

Still, it’s missing out on a couple of functions, like text management. You can’t erase texts in the desktop Your Phone app, it’s still a little buggy occasionally, and you can’t make calls from your Windows 10 computer system yet.

Take a look at Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which I have actually been utilizing with a Google Pixel 3 XL: