Archaeologists in Egypt simply uncovered 30 ancient wood caskets and opened them to expose completely maintained mummies inside.

A dig group came across the sarcophagi in the Asasif necropolis of the ancient town of Thebes, the Egyptian federal government revealed on Tuesday. Thebes was as soon as the dynamic royal capital of ancient Egypt. Digging in the location– around the modern-day city of Luxor– has actually resulted in a series of findings considering that efforts started in December 2017.

The caskets are approximated to be 3,000 years of ages, far older than the majority of other ancient antiques in the location. Still, they were discovered sealed and undamaged, including lively color engravings and unspoiled inscriptions.

Archaeologists opened the caskets at an event on Saturday to expose completely maintained mummies inside. The elaborate inscriptions show that the mummies were as soon as extremely appreciated individuals, most likely priests and kids.

Here’s an appearance inside what Egyptian authorities are calling the best casket finding in a century.