Credit: LACMA/U. S. Flying force by means of

In December, SpaceX released a 24- karat-gold canopic container in the shape of Robert Henry Lawrence Jr., NASA’s very first African-American astronaut. For those who aren’t ancient-Egypt enthusiasts, a canopic container is a container that holds a mummified individual’s organs.

In 1967, the U.S. Flying force selected Lawrence for the Manned Orbiting Lab program, which was developed to assist the U.S. spy on the Soviet Union and other competitors. However Lawrence passed away in a jet crash less than 6 months later on, implying the 32- year-old never ever made it to area.

To honor Lawrence, SpaceX shot his gold bust, in addition to more than 60 small satellites, into area atop the business’s Falcon 9 rocket. [Read more about Lawrence’s canopic jar]