Space Agency Seeks Women to Stay in Bed for 2 Months. Pancakes Will Be Provided.

Beds in the research study are angled so that individuals’ heads are lower than their bodies by 6 degrees.

Credit: DLR

Would you want to invest 60 days in bed for $19,000?

That’s what a group of area researchers are hoping: They’re hiring female topics to do simply that for an approaching research study on how to secure the body from the results of microgravity.

Likewise, there will be pancakes. [6 Weird Facts About Gravity]

These so-called bed-rest research studies are performed in a collaboration by NASA, the German Area Firm (DLR) and the European Area Firm (ESA). The very first part of the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Research Study (AGBRESA) released on March 25 at the DLR’s Institute for Aerospace Medication in Perfume, Germany, and the 2nd phase– which still requires volunteers– will happen from September to December of this year, NASA agents stated in a declaration

However what does depending on bed relate to weightlessness in area? When an individual reclines with their head lower than their body, gradually, that position triggers fluids in the body to move towards the head. The exact same condition– fluids moving headward– is experienced by astronauts in the lack of gravity, DLR discussed on the task site

By observing individuals reclining for 60 days with their heads 6 degrees lower than their bodies, scientists can establish methods to assist astronauts facing comparable obstacles in area. One technique that the research study topics will check is a centrifuge that will spin them around for 30 minutes every day– though not as quick as a carnival flight– producing synthetic gravity and requiring fluids to distribute around the body, according to the DLR.

For the brand-new research study, researchers are looking for nonsmoking, German-speaking females in between the ages of 24 and55 Payment is 16,500 Euros– about United States $18,500

Bed-rest research studies last for an overall of 89 days: 15 days to accustom to the devices, 60 days of bed rest and after that 14 days off prior to going back to “daily life,” DLR agents stated Individuals recline in single spaces, and all everyday activities happen resting.

To make certain that the topics do not put on weight throughout this two-month duration of limited activity, scientists supply them with a standardized diet plan; nevertheless, the meals are not “additional healthy,” and individuals will in some cases get “pancakes and sugary foods,” according to the DLR.

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