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Today we exist the 4th and last installation of my discussion with the outspoken author, podcaster, theorist, and recuperating neuroscientist Sam Harris. Please take a look at parts one (******** ),(********************* )2, and(********************** )3 if you missed them. Otherwise, you can push use the ingrained audio gamer or bring up the records, both of which are listed below. (************* ). We open today’s discussion by speaking about bioterrorism. Since that’s not boosting enough, we then carry on the threats an extremely AI might provide in specific worst-case situations (which was the subject of.
a popular TED talk of Harris’). This discussion develops on the other day’s joyful conversation of nuclear terrorism.

The last part of the podcast is a discussion in between me and podcasting super star Tom Merritt. In it, Merritt and I discuss my interview with Harris– in addition to a portion of my book After On This area exists due to the fact that I initially believed my podcast would be a minimal set of simply 8 episodes linked that book. However the podcast got a life of its own, and I will release episode #38 in the series of 8.

You may, naturally, wish to avoid that area. Or maybe not due to the fact that it’s in fact a quite enjoyable discussion. In addition to the subjects covered in my interview with Harris, Merritt and I discuss the ever-fascinating topic of tapeworms– plus my own substantial background in the Middle East, my mercifully quick experiences in foster care, and more.

Lastly, I want to briefly point out a series of 4 short articles that I’m publishing to Medium this month on the uplifting subject of existential threat. Which is to state the grim-yet-perversely-fascinating possibility that our technological developments may simply obliterate us. I think I provide some arguments and analytic lenses that are brand-new to this crucial subject– and a few of these tie rather carefully to the problems that Harris and I go over in our discussion. The very first piece in the series is right here I must keep in mind that Medium is running this in their editorially curated, paid, members-only area. The items news is that Medium provides everybody access to a couple of short articles monthly with basically absolutely no friction.

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