With phones getting constantly more effective, it in some cases seem like a meaningless arms race. Like, what do we require all that juice for? Faster scrolling on Instagram? 3D GIFS? Fucking Animoji?

Well, with its boosted ROG phone, ASUS has a response: video gaming. Muscular mobiles ought to be for video gaming.

I initially covered Asus’ ROG phone over the Summer season of 2018. Then, just recently, I was fortunate adequate to get my hands on an evaluation system for a couple of weeks. While I was messing about with it, I was struck by something: yeah, a phone this effective can play modern-day, 3D video games quickly, however how would it handle a timeless mobile video game? How would it manage something like … Snake?

I sense you’re going to inform me.


Great, prior to then however, inform me about the ROG phone’s specifications?

Obviously, so can I get a hell yeah for …

  • 6-inch 90 Hz screen with a 1ms reaction time AMOLED screen (hell yeah!)
  • An overclocked 2.96 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform (Hell Yeah!)
  • 8GB RAM jammed in there (aww Hell Yeah!)
  • FM Radio (YEAH HELL!)

If you desire a complete, thorough breakdown of the specifications, I ‘d recommend you drool over this page We have actually got other things to cover here.

I can inform you something totally free however– this subdued phone sure plays Snake well.

Wow, Snake! However, go on, inform me about how the ROG phone appearances

Think Of, if you will, a stereotyped player. Then image what sort of phone a stereotyped player would make. The ROG phone appears like that.

2 actions far from screaming about my mommy.

That’s not to state the phone’s awful, it simply has a really, will we state, particular sort of visual. In particular methods, it’s really a little a relief. Nowadays, many mobiles have this identikit black rectangular shape appearance that’s so uninteresting I’m having a hard time to complete this sentence simply believing abou–

Sorry, I nearly slept there.

While the ROG isn’t for everybody, it’s not awful. Well, all right, it’s awful, however it’s like of Hollywood ‘ awful’– more interesting-looking than AVERT THINE EYES.

Still, it sure appearances great when you’re playing Snake.

I enjoy that video game! What about the develop quality?

It feels strong. There’s a good weight to it (which isn’t a precise measurement of quality, however is at least soothing) and whatever feels well made. I can’t validate how it deals with consistent wear and tear however, as I didn’t have it for enough time to precisely evaluate that.

I did discover the phone got rather hot after playing video games on it, however, in general, it seemed like a splendid gadget to play Snake on.

So apart from these souped-up specifications, what’s so unique about the ROG phone?

Well, it has a series of peripherals, which are quite trendy. Among these (the TwinView Dock) turns the ROG phone into a DS-style, while another (called the Gamevice) kinda provides it a Nintendo Change like feel. You can see what those appear like here, however, sadly, my evaluation system didn’t consist of these.

What I did have however was the AeroActive Cooler:

Essentially, this is a fan accessory for the phone that keeps it cool while you’re video gaming like a motherfucker.

Which kept my hands from getting to hot and sweaty while I was playing the fuck outta Snake.

Right, I believe I get this now. Who’s this phone for?

Essentially, anybody who likes mobile video gaming and desires a gadget that stands out at it. The ROG phone handle 3D video games much better than any other phone I have actually utilized. I understand it’s no replacement for really seeing it in action, however take a look at this still image:

The video game was slick as a greased-up weasel

The screen is remarkably crisp. There’s likewise a fantastic function on the side of the telephone call Air Triggers, which are essentially sensing units that work as shoulder buttons for video gaming when the gadget remains in landscape mode. I was likewise happily shocked with the quality of the cam:

Kiss me, Amsterdam.

In spite of all these favorable points, there is a drawback. The 128 GB ASUS ROG phone expenses $900 For that sort of cash, you can practically get a flagship phone from Samsung, Apple, or Huawei While it deals much better with video games, gadgets from the abovementioned business transcend at being, well, phones.

Still, I have an unusual soft area for the ASUS ROG phone. It’s really out here doing something various. The business’s not content to blend it with a quite same-y market, rather it wishes to take an unique method to being a portable gadget. And I appreciate that.

However, many of all, I appreciate how it plays Snake.


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Released May 2, 2019– 15: 54 UTC.

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