You understand Asus makes phones, right? Well, even if you didn’t you may discover this intriguing: the business’s Zenfone 6 has actually dripped and, well, it has among the odder notches we have actually seen in a long time.

Reported on by— an Italian innovation website– the gadget has a little notch in the upper right-hand man corner. Have a look at the video they assemble here:

And lets take a more detailed take a look at that notch:

( Credit:

I likewise believe we should share a number of YouTube remarks from the video, since why the hell not?

Personally, I do not mind it excessive. It kinda appears like the Zenfone 6 is winking at me. Or the notch is a yummy little berry waiting to be plucked from the top of screen and popped into my spit-filled gob. Mmm.

What else do we understand about the Zenfone 6?

Not excessive. Taking a look at the video, appears that Asus’ brand-new gadget will have 3 video cameras on the back, along with a finger print scanner. We will not understand the other specifications up until the phone is formally revealed, probably at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress next February.

Cool– anything else about the notch?

I believed you ‘d never ever ask. I’m hoping this will begin a brand-new pattern for weirdly-placed notches. Yeah, having it in the center makes good sense, however when has making good sense ever been cool? I’m believing business require to up their video game and begin taking on each other to get odd with the notches.

You understand, put a notch in the middle of the phone, simply drop it dead in the center and see how individuals utilize their phones. How about covering the edges in numerous notches so you can take selfies that appear like a fly’s vision? I understand: put a notch on the notch and see if the phone falls back in on itself like a collapsing great void. Oh, oh, I have actually got it. Make a notch that walks around continuously, so you never ever understand where it’s going to be. Yeah, it ‘d be rather an accomplishment of engineering, however when has that stopped mankind?

To put it simply, keep it coming Asus. You might even coordinate with Google, considering its current history with notches

And if you’re not keen on this new-fangled notch from Asus, you can still go and purchase the Zenfone 5, which has a routine old notch.

Released November 6, 2018– 15: 25 UTC.