2 pictures published on Twitter and a video on YouTube reveal Audi e-tron SUVs obstructing stalls at Tesla’s Supercharger charging stations. Supercharger stations work just with Tesla lorries.

The tweets and video were published in between February and May. 2 extra pictures published on Twitter in April reveal an e-tron parked near a Supercharger station and a marketing banner for the e-tron put at a Supercharger station.

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One tweet states the envisioned Supercharger station remains in Brescia, Italy. It is uncertain where the other stations lie, though the captions on the video and a few of the other tweets are composed in German.

Audi did not right away react to an ask for talk about whether it had actually purposefully put the lorries at the Supercharger stations.

The car manufacturer launched the e-tron this year. It has a 204- mile variety, according to the United States Epa (EPA), 5 seats, and begins at $74,800 Tesla offers a seven-seat SUV, the Design X, which has an optimal series of 325 miles, according to the EPA, and begins at $84,990

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