If you’re a fired up Microsoft fan waiting with bated breath for Wednesday’s Surface area occasion, avert now. Well, unless you do not actually appreciate the convention and excitement around a business revealing its own items naturally.

Yes, thanks to brave web traveler Evan Blass, we now have (what seem) correct images of most of Microsoft’s brand-new Surface area equipment.

Blass has actually been precise with his leakages in the past and with the Microsoft occasion so close, it ‘d be a shock if these weren’t genuine. However, you never ever understand, much better individuals than myself have actually been deceived prior to.

Now that little disclaimer is out the method, let’s in fact take a look at these gadgets. To begin with is the Surface area Pro 7:

In all sincerity, it does not look especially various from the Surface area Pro 6, however that’s not a big surprise, right?

The next little hardware we have up is the 13 ″ Surface Area Laptop Computer 3:

And, for efficiency sake, here are the extremely comparable images of the 15 ″ Surface Area Laptop Computer 3:

From the little you can determine from these images, not a big quantity has actually altered. Once again, I question anybody was anticipating much various, since many laptop computers look rather comparable– it’ll be the specifications and elements that have actually moved. And for that, we’ll need to wait up until tomorrow.

Lastly, the last images are from the long reported Arm-powered Surface area, something I actually hope Microsoft has a catchier name for. Anyhow, here they are:

Got ta state, that looks quite damn cool.

For those among us who choose the theater of huge statements, you remain in luck: while Blass pointed out the dual-screen Surface area in his tweet thread, he didn’t publish any photos.

Of all the brand-new Surface area equipment being presented at Wednesday’s occasion, this is the one individuals are most captivated about. The reports are this’ll be the very first in a line of dual-screen hardware and, truthfully, I’m quite thrilled to see how it ends up.

Some individuals dislike this sort of leakages, however I’ve in fact completely enjoyed this peek at the upcoming brand-new Surface area equipment. In truth, it’s in fact made me more fired up for the occasion as a whole, so induce Wednesday!

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Released October 1, 2019– 12: 30 UTC.