The bees of Notre Dame appear to have their tutelary saint Ambrose keeping an eye out for them.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET.

The disastrous fire that damaged part of Paris’ historical Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday appears to have actually spared the bees residing on its roof.

Given That 2013, as part of a city effort to support biodiversity in Paris, Notre Dame has actually been house to 3 beehives on a roofing system below the rose window. Due to the fact that the hives lie about 30 meters (98 feet) listed below the primary roofing system, the fire didn’t get close enough to do any damage.

Thinking About each hive is house to 60,000 bees, Notre Dame beekeeper Nicolas Geant was beyond relieved to find out the fire didn’t injure the bugs.

” I got a call from the spokesperson for Notre Dame who stated there were bees flying in and out of the hives which suggests they are still alive,” Geant informed CNN on Friday.

” Right after the fire I took a look at the drone images and saw the hives weren’t charred however there was no other way of understanding if the bees had actually made it through,” Geant included. “Now I understand there’s activity, it’s a big relief.”

On Wednesday, Geant published images on his Instagram taken by drones that reveal the hives undamaged.

Another picture published on his Instagram reveals the bees alive and well on among the Notre Dame gargoyles The structures function as practical rain spouts

Possibly St. Ambrose, the tutelary saint of bees and beekeepers, was watching out for the precious bugs of Notre Dame.