What would it resemble to be onboard the Cassini orbiter as it made its method around Jupiter and Saturn and their moons? Pretty cool. Now a brand-new video made from Cassini images pieces together parts of that majestic journey.

Kevin M. Gill, software application and self-described information wrangler at NASA-JPL, created a video that takes us on a little journey around our Planetary system’s 2 biggest worlds. Kick back and take pleasure in as moons wander by by themselves majestic journey.

In the very first part of the video, Io and Europa wander with dignity in front of Jupiter’s Great Red Area. In the 2nd part, the moon Titan passes over Saturn’s rings, in an edge-on viewpoint.

And in case you’re questioning, the video is an assemblage of still images. So the Great Red Area and other clouds on Jupiter reveal really little activity.

Kevin has actually made other cool videos, including this flyover of Europa.

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