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James has been writing about technology for years but has loved it since the early 90s. While his main areas of expertise are maker tools — 3D printers, vinyl cutters, paper printers, and laser cutters — he also loves to play board games and tabletop RPGs.

Expertise 3D printers, maker tools such as Cricut style vinyl cutters and laser cutters, traditional paper printers Credentials

  • 6 years working professionally in the 3D printing space / 4 years testing consumer electronics for large websites.

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Sq. Feet of Lab Space

$20 at MatterHackers

A flat bottom palette knife

Best overall beginner 3D printing accessory

Buildtak 3D printer scraper

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$25 at 3DGloop

A giant bottle of 3DGloop

Best accessory for fusing parts together

3D Gloop! 3D printing adhesive

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$15 at Amazon

A pink hand basket full of tools

Keep all your 3D printing accessories together

Portable caddy basket

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$16 at Amazon

Caliper with digital LED

3D printing accessory for design

Digital calipers

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$90 at Home Depot

HDX gray storage cabinet

Modular storage for your 3D printing filament

HDX stackable garage storage

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$10 at Amazon

mk8 nozzles in a row

3D printing accessory that adds choice

Mk 8 nozzle variety pack

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$20 at MatterHackers

A stick of Magigoo and the box it comes in

Best 3D printing accessory for bed adhesion

Magigoo 3D print bed adhesive

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$26 at Amazon


Best budget 3D printing bed adhesion

Aqua Net firm-hold hairspray

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$7 at Amazon


Best deburring tool for 3D printing

Vastools swivel head deburring tool

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$10 at Amazon

Two sets of hex wrenches

Best 3D printing accessory for metric screws

AmazonBasics metric/imperial hex key wrench set

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$36 at Walmart


Keep your 3D printing material dry

Reusable desiccant pouches (5-pack)

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$6 at Amazon

Elmers Washable School Glue Sticks

Water washable adhesion

Elmer’s glue stick (12 count)

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$90 at Amazon

A little camera that looks like a beagle next to a 3D printer

Best intermediate 3D printer accessory

Mintion Beagle V2 3D printer camera

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$164 at Wham Bam

Special case surrounding a 3d printer

3D printing accessory for protection

Wham Bam HotBox

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$58 at MatterHackers

obxidian nozzles lined up in a row

A 3D printing accessory for a 3D printing accessory

E3D ObXidian hardened nozzle

View details

$200 at Repkord

A black wooden box with 6 different color filaments inside

Store your 3D printing filament for use

Repkord RepBox

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Most hobbies have a few extra accessories that make them easier and 3D printing is no exception. Often these accessories are simple — a set of snips for cutting filament or a bit of glue to help bed adhesion — but there are also new pieces of hardware that can significantly improve your print quality or give your 3D printer powers it never had before. More than that, though, good accessories can make even the best 3D printers run above and beyond their normal scope.

What is the best 3D printing accessory?

It’s hard to pin down an overall best in terms of accessories as it will depend on your needs, but the BuildTak print removal tool is the first accessory I suggest people buy when they are starting out. It is affordable and works much better than the terrible scrapers that come with your 3D printer.

After that, you should look to get a camera like the Beagle 2. The Beagle allows you to wirelessly monitor a lot of 3D printers, especially some of the best budget 3D printers, using a mobile app. The video feed is great for making time-lapses for social media too.

I’ve amassed a huge number of helpful accessories after nearly a decade of 3D printing and have researched many others. Amazon is a great resource for finding basic 3D-printing accessories, and California-based MatterHackers has everything you need for more advanced upgrades and gear. 

Best 3D printer accessories for beginners

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While every 3D printer comes with a paint scraper that you can use to remove models from the build plate, not all are created equal. Most 3D printer scrapers don’t allow you to get the blade low enough to lift a model without damaging the build surface. I use the Buildtak 3D printer scraper because it can swipe under the model without gouging down, making them pop right back up.

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3DGloop is the best way to fuse models that you’ve printed in pieces into one giant print. The chemical composition doesn’t just stick to the plastic, it chemically fuses them together and the resulting piece is so strong it’s almost impossible to break.

I’ve fought a robot at tug-of-war to see if we could break the 3DGloop bond and it wasn’t possible. This stuff is amazing.

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These little storage caddies are incredibly helpful for more than just storing shower products. The separate compartments make it easy to store all of your hex key wrenches, scrapers and filament cutters in a way that makes it easy to move them around your workspace with the handy handle. I have three of these in my workshop and I use them for 3D-printing tools, assorted glues and sandpaper. It makes life a lot easier.

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A digital caliper is a helpful 3D-printing accessory, especially if you’re creating your own models. Most can measure details down to a thousandth of a millimeter, which lets you design with a high degree of accuracy. 
Having a set of calipers also helps you measure your prints to make sure they’re printing in the correct size and shape.

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