Boston Characteristics, the robotics business previously owned by Google, keeps providing its humanoid robotics brand-new capabilities.

They can open doors, opt for a jog exterior, and even withstand being pulled around by human engineers Now those exact same engineers have actually offered among their robotics the capability to do parkour.

Atlas is Boston Characteristics’ humanoid robotic, who you might have currently seen carrying out a backflip

In a video released by Boston Characteristics on Thursday, Atlas runs and leaps over a log (no huge offer, we have actually seen it do this prior to) and after that continues to nimbly hop up a series of platforms.

Watch Atlas do parkour here:

In the previous Boston Characteristics has actually triggered a stir by developing robotics which mimic human or animal motion, such as its dog-like robotics which motivated an episode of “Black Mirror.”

Boston Characteristics’ Area robotic.