Mitchell Brin has a license plate that states “Botox.”

Brin’s been investigating Botox given that 1984 and is presently the chief clinical officer of Botox at the drug business Allergan. It is among numerous Botox-related license plates he owns, consisting of some more clinical nods like one that states “Snap-25” That’s a recommendation to a protein impacted by botulinum contaminant A, causing smoother foreheads when utilized in the ideal dosages.

“Botox is a huge element of my life,” Brin informed Company Expert.

Brin is among the researchers who saw Botox through from its early days as a prospective treatment for muscle conditions to what it is today– a smash hit pharmaceutical drug best understood for cosmetic usages like raveling wrinkles on clients’ faces.

Here’s the story of how a dangerous contaminant ended up being a smash hit treatment for whatever from wrinkles to migraines.