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Listen, nerd– reading is terrific. And you ought to learn more. Likewise the water resistant Kindle Paperwhite is on deal and it’s just $85 So go and purchase it and conserve yourself from checking out the remainder of the post.


You purchased it yet?

Go on, click on this link and purchase it.

Oh, what’s that? You ‘d in fact like to check out something more about the waterpoof Kindle Paperwhite? How about a video rather?

Shit. You truly wish to hear what I need to state? Fine.

Look, I do not purchase into this physical books vs. ereader crap. Not just do you need to discover a method of reading that works for you, there’s definitely no reason you can’t take pleasure in both.

Sunday afternoon, a steaming hot mug of tea, and a routine book? Excellence.

On vacation, cooling on a beach, and utilizing a Kindle? Likewise goddamn excellence.

Simply do what you wish to do, do not let anybody inform you otherwise. Unless you count me stating that as informing you something, in which case you can completely follow that little bit of recommendations, however absolutely nothing else.

Oh yeah, back to the water resistant Kindle Paperwhite.

We discussed it on TNW and stated it’s the very best ereader for the cash; and, personally, I can’t disagree. The screen is brilliant and clear, and utilizing the gadget is easy.

I’m likewise a huge fan of the Kindle app. You can quickly download books from the shop ( or include them yourself) and have them sync up completely throughout your gadgets.

Simply put, you can check out a bit on your Kindle, and after that get precisely where you ended on your phone. It’s wonderful.

So, ensure you head over here and get the water resistant Kindle Paperwhite for $85 while you still can. You can continue reading it in the bath.

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Released November 24, 2019– 10: 53 UTC.

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