Ride-hailing start-up Lyft formally revealed its strategies to go public on Friday. The long-anticipated relocation follows the business in complete confidence submitted for a going public with the Securities and Exchange Commission in December.

The filing consists of a letter from Lyft creators John Zimmer and Logan Green, who produced the business in2012 In the letter, they talk about the ride-hailing company as their “life’s work.”

“We were informed we were insane to believe individuals would ride in each other’s individual cars,” the creators compose of the service’s early days.

The letter likewise shows that the creators think ride-hailing apps will affect the transport market likewise to the method Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services have actually altered home entertainment.

“Fortunately is that current development has actually assisted redefine whole markets around a basic truth: you no longer require to own an item to enjoy its advantages,” the letter states.

Pointing out internal information, Green and Zimmer approximate that over 300,000 Lyft riders have actually quit their individual vehicles since of Lyft. They likewise stated that in 2018, 46% of Lyft riders stated they have actually utilized their vehicles less since of Lyft.

The relocation puts Lyft ahead of its most significant competing Uber along with a number of other prominent start-ups, consisting of Pinterest, Postmates, and Slack, all of which are anticipated to go public this year.

See listed below for the complete letter, which can likewise be discovered here


A letter from our co-founders

It’s time to upgrade our cities around individuals, not vehicles.

Over the last 50 years, city advancement has actually focused around the car, however think of for a minute, what our world might appear like if we discovered a method to take the majority of these vehicles off the roadway. It would be a world with less traffic and less contamination. A world where we require less parking– where streets can be narrowed and walkways broadened. It’s a world where pedestrians, bicycle riders, and kids can browse a city simply as rapidly and securely as an auto. That’s a world developed around individuals, not vehicles.

Every day, countless individuals link in Lyft trips, assisting show that individuals from all backgrounds, communities and strolls of life can come together– even when simply for a brief journey. This occurs when a rider who had a difficult day is comforted by their chauffeur’s kind words. It occurs when a motorist and rider with opposing political views fulfill on commonalities. And it occurs when somebody gets a safe flight house, a flight to the physician or a flight to a task interview.

Concentrating on function and individuals isn’t simply the best thing to do, it supplies an enduring competitive benefit.

Life is Much Better When You Share the Flight

For us, this work is individual. Maturing in Los Angeles traffic, Logan was motivated to discover a much better method to navigate. As a trainee at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Logan introduced the university’s very first car-sharing program and was the youngest member to serve on the board of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District.

At the very same time, John was studying at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, searching for methods to use the concepts of hospitality beyond hotels and dining establishments. He took a city preparation course, Green Cities, which triggered his interest in instilling hospitality with transport to enhance individuals’s lifestyle.

We came together in 2007 to release Zimride, a carpool matching service for universities and business. In 2012, we introduced Lyft and originated the concept of on-demand peer-to-peer ridesharing. In those early days, we were informed we were insane to believe individuals would ride in each other’s individual cars. One billion trips later on, we have the ability to review a market that has actually been specified by the items Lyft originated– and we have the ability to look forward with enjoyment to the next generation of transport services that will be led and produced by our group.

The World’s Finest Transport

Today’s transport status quo is undesirable. Americans invest over $1 trillion every year owning and running their vehicles, making it the 2nd greatest family expenditure (more loan than Americans invest in food).28 Yet, each automobile is just utilized 5 percent of the time. On top of all that, every year there are 37,000 traffic-related deaths, and an extra 58,000 deaths brought on by air contamination originating from U.S. roadway transport. Individuals and our cities are caught in an unhealthy and ineffective automobile ownership environment, and it’s time for a service.

Fortunately is that current development has actually assisted redefine whole markets around a basic truth: you no longer require to own an item to enjoy its advantages. We have actually seen this play out in the show business with the intro of streaming (Netflix, Apple, Spotify) and in calculating with the shift to the Cloud (AWS, Google, Salesforce), however never ever in the past, and potentially never ever once again, will a market this big flip from an ownership design to a service design.

A complete shift to Transportation-as-a-Service that provides more safe, budget friendly, reputable and pleasurable experiences throughout ridesharing, bike and scooter sharing and transit is lastly possible. And, we’re starting to see the early indications of this shift. Based upon internal information, we approximate over 300,000 Lyft riders have actually quit their individual vehicles since of Lyft, and in 2018, 46% of our riders stated they utilized their vehicles less since of Lyft.32 By offering riders with the very best method to delight in all modes of transport in one location, Lyft will provide the something individuals actually desire: the real flexibility to ride.

The Y in Lyft

The why in what Lyft is doing is crucial to us, along with the cities and neighborhoods we serve, and it will constantly be our business’s North Star.

Lyft’s objective is to: enhance individuals’s lives with the world’s finest transport.

We work to enhance individuals’s lives in 3 essential methods:


Socially: by offering a concrete methods to bring countless individuals and their neighborhoods together.


Financially: by opening budget friendly transport gain access to and versatile revenues to enhance people’ financial movement.


Ecologically: by revamping the method customers gain access to transport, Lyft will play a big function in driving carbon out of the transport environment.

We have actually had the ability to drive industry-leading development versus lots of chances, sustained by a business culture that brings in and maintains leading skill who is enthusiastic about our shared function. In today’s world, running with an authentic objective is vital to developing a long-lasting brand name and effective company.

The Roadway Ahead

Over the last 10 years, we have actually made early development towards our vision, and today Lyft is a growing company resolving among the biggest market chances of our life time. In 2018, we served over 30 million riders and almost 2 million chauffeurs, accomplishing $8.1 billion in Reservations and $2.2 billion in profits.

As Lyft’s company effect broadens, so too does its social effect. Our chauffeur neighborhood has actually made more than $10 billion considering that creation. In 2018, Lyft riders increased their regional costs by more than $2.5 billion due to more available transport.33 And we made all Lyft trips carbon neutral by buying offsets for over one million lots of carbon emissions in2018


We take pride in the momentum and a lot more thrilled by what lies ahead. Simply 1% of miles taken a trip in the United States occur on rideshare networks.34 The roadway ahead represents an enormous chance to serve our neighborhoods and drive worth for our shareholders.

We take this obligation to serve our neighborhoods and shareholders seriously, and we eagerly anticipate showing that with actions and outcomes. If we informed you we were constructing the world’s finest canal, railway or highway facilities, you ‘d comprehend that this would take some time. Because very same light, the chance ahead needs

continued long-lasting thinking, focus and execution. In order to finest provide long-lasting worth, we will drive business forward with 3 essential concepts:


We initially serve chauffeurs and riders.


We focus on the long-lasting health of business, over everyday responses of the marketplaces.


We attentively balance financial investments in development and success factors to consider, while intentionally leaning more towards development (specifically in these early days).

Lyft has the chance to provide among the most substantial shifts to society considering that the development of the automobile. We do not take that gently, and we mean to lead this shift with stability, humankind and strong execution.

Thank you to our neighborhood of chauffeurs, riders and employee for making this possible.


Logan Green, Co-Founder

John Zimmer, Co-Founder