Read the Long-Lost Letter from Alexander Hamilton to the Marquis de Lafayette, Stolen 60 Years Ago

This letter, penned by Alexander Hamilton to the Marquis de Lafayette in 1780, was taken from the Massachusetts Archives more than 6 years earlier. The pilfered file lastly resurfaced at an auction home in 2015, and federal district attorneys are now requiring it back.

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History ha d its eyes on Alexander Hamilton– and now, federal representatives have their eyes on among the Establishing Daddy’s long-lost letters, penned in 1780 and taken from the Massachusetts Archives more than 6 years earlier.

According to the Associated Press(AP), the letter from Hamilton to his innovative pal the Marquis de Lafayette was taken from the archives by a worker at some point in between 1937 and1945 The burglar likewise swiped historic files composed by George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere; by the time the worker was jailed in 1950, a lot of the taken artifacts had actually currently been offered to unusual book dealerships around the United States.

The Hamilton letter was never ever recuperated. It resurfaced for the very first time in November 2018, when a South Carolina household sent the letter to an Alexandria, Virginia, auction home in hopes of offering the file. The letter was valued at $25,000, the site Mass L reported, prior to auction home scientists found the product’s suspicious provenance. The auction home immediately got in touch with the FBI.

On Wednesday (May 15), district attorneys at the U.S. Lawyer’s Workplace in Massachusetts submitted a federal forfeit problem to get Hamilton’s missive back in federal government hands, the AP reported.

In the recently resurfaced letter, dated July 21, 1780, Hamilton informs his “Dear Marquis” to news of British troop motions in the middle of the American Revolutionary War. At that time, British surrender and the war’s end were still a number of years away. Hamilton was functioning as Gen. Washington’s aide-de-camp (aka, his right-hand guy).

You can check out the complete, short text of the letter here

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