After 9 years of building and debate, China formally revealed the world’s longest sea bridge at an October event in Hong Kong.

At more than 34 miles long, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge becomes part of a master strategy to produce a worldwide science and innovation center by linking 2 Chinese areas, Hong Kong and Macau (the world’s biggest betting center), to 9 neighboring cities.

With an financial output of $1.5 trillion, the brand-new mega-region– called the Greater Bay Location– is placed to competing Silicon Valley. The strategy likewise consists of the building of an $11 billion bullet train, which opened in September.

The bridge is closed to public transit, so just particular automobiles– shuttle bus, freight vehicles, and personal vehicles with authorizations– are permitted to cross. Pedestrians and bicyclists are forbidden.

While some have slammed the structure as a waste of taxpayer dollars, others promote its capability to link approximately 70 million individuals in the area.

Have a look at its exceptional style listed below.