TLDR: Start a new career as a certified Cisco IT professional with the coursework in The Complete 2021 Cisco Enterprise Certification Training Bundle.

Networks are the bread and butter of any IT professional. But learning how to build, manage, grow and secure a broad networking system is by no means simple. That’s why companies are constantly in the market for smart, knowledgeable IT pros who are schooled in the art of networks and network maintenance.

Since Cisco is the backbone of networking hardware and software, it makes sense that becoming a serious Cisco expert can put learners on the fast track to a stable, well-paying career. That starts with authentic Cisco certifications, which students can prepare for with the coursework in The Complete 2021 Cisco Enterprise Certification Training Bundle. Right now, it’s available for over 90 percent off its regular price, only $49, from TNW Deals.

The four-course package covering more than 66 hours of in-depth training can help even introductory students get familiar with the basic care and feeding needed to administer over a Cisco-based system.

The Cisco CCNA 200-301 course is the foundation of any Cisco-trained engineer. Last year, Cisco consolidated a handful of exams into one central Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) test — and this course can make sure a student aces that exam. 

The new industry-standard networking certification for network admins, support engineers, and data center operations, the prep course can help learners configure and manage wired and wireless network connectivity and be 100 percent ready to sit for the all-important test.

But if you really want to move up in the IT world, then CCNA certification is just your starting point. The next step is proving a deeper understanding of routing and switching protocols as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

The other courses here help build the training to get you to that level. That includes knowledge of how to use Cisco network core technologies (Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR 350-401); how to implement advanced Cisco routing and services (Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENARSI Exam 300-410); and even how to design your own Cisco networks (Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENSLD 300-420).

All this certification training to put you in a position to take and ace critical Cisco exams are each usually $300 courses. As part of this package, all four are on sale now for only $49.