If you’re worried about your federal government sleuthing on your searching history, or just desire a simple method to gain access to websites obstructed in your part of the world, Cloudflare’s got you covered with a brand-new app for Android and iOS.

The networking company’s brand-new app is simply a fundamental DNS switcher, which routes your phone’s web traffic through Cloudflare’s complimentary DNS service with a single tap. When you turn it on, it’ll work like a VPN app, and must make it harder for ISPs to track your online activity. formerly released in April for desktops, and just needs a couple of simple modifications in your OS’ settings. To utilize it on your phone, simply download and set up the app, and turn it on.

The service works as marketed: once I set it up on the Android phone I utilize in India, I had the ability to go to Pornhub– which is obstructed throughout the nation– with no difficulty. Cloudflare likewise declares that its service accelerate searching, however I’ll require to evaluate it even more to validate. You understand, for science.

It deserves keeping in mind that this might just keep your ISP from following the websites you go to; if you desire more personal privacy over your connection, you’re much better off utilizing a VPN service rather. Still, it’s a simple method to navigate website restrictions.

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