A playable primary character from the upcoming hybrid RPG/shooter Borderlands 3, The Beastmaster FL4K, will be a robotic that recognizes as non-binary and utilizes they/them pronouns. This might be the closest we have actually concerned getting a playable, canonically transgender lead character in a AAA computer game– excuse me while I do a delighted dance.

While Transmission hasn’t formally stated the character represents the transgender neighborhood, it’s been exposed that FL4K is on an individual journey to find their identity, they were flaunted in the exact same colors in in their statement video as the Trans Pride flag, and they have the primaries and absolutely no erased in a badge on their attire.

And let’s not be coy here: Transmission is amongst the most queer-friendly designers out there. I’ll consume my hat if somebody who dealt with the video game does not ultimately go on the record stating that FL4K was intentionally created to be an allegory for the transgender and/or non-binary human battle.

ABOVE: A non-binary robotic. The upper pin on their lapel has a 1 and a 0 that have actually been crossed out.
LISTED BELOW: The Trans Pride flag, discover how the colors match?

Borderlands 3 co-writer Sam Winkler cleaned up a bit about FL4K on Twitter:

While no business is ideal, Transmission has actually regularly desired be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood. In reality, as the heading recommends, damn near everybody in the Borderlands universe falls under the LGBTQIA+ banner– a minimum of if you presume that the variety of clearly queer characters is a sign of the imaginary universe’s unmentioned residents’ sexual identity.

This total queerness even consists of a number of playable primary characters. Keep in mind Axton, the charming Task force you can play as in Borderlands 2? He’s bisexual. And Athena, the stunning shield-wielding Gladiator you can primary in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? She’s a lesbian. FL4K would bring us as much as 3 playables if they end up being canonically representative of the LGBT neighborhood.

Axton’s bisexual
Athena is a lesbian

However it’s not simply the chance to enter some bi, lesbian, or trans shoes that matters. The background characters in the Borderlands franchise paint a magnificent tapestry of inclusivity that makes the whole imaginary universe feel welcoming and welcome to those people who do not see ourselves represented in the typically hetero-normative world of hit computer game.

There’s Moxxi from the initial Borderlands, a sultry character who’s unapologetically bisexual and Mister Torgue, a huge muscle-bound arms producer, is canonically bi since the Tiny Tina’s Attack on Dragon Keep DLC (however I believe he ‘d most likely determine as pansexual after stating he’s brought in to all of the Vault Hunters despite gender). Sir Hammerlock, the master hunter and practiced gentlemen from Borderlands 2, is gay and Janey Springs from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is Athena’s sweetheart. Even Tiny Tina is queer, she has a crush on Moxxi

Moxxi’s bisexual

The franchise likewise has queer characters you never ever fulfill. At one point throughout the series we discover that both a gay and a lesbian couple were required by the bad guys to carry out experiments on their particular partners– this isn’t a gay plot, it’s simply a plot that takes place to have characters who are gay in it. And additionally, numerous of the characters you fulfill who are LGBT have missions or visible background info that mentions other hidden LGBT characters.

That’s not to state Borderlands is an LGBT video game, however individuals at Transmission have actually made it clear that variety and inclusivity are necessary to them as designers. And it ought to be necessary to everybody.

Despite your sexual or gender identity, individuals who determine as LGBTQIA+ should have to see themselves represented in media simply as much as heterosexuals do. While business such as Bioware have actually forged ahead by providing players the choice to check out homosexual and bisexual love in its franchises such as Dragon Age and Mass Result, it’s probably more vital that designers come right out and state “this character that we produced is gay” and “this character is canonically bisexual” and, with any luck, somebody will one day announce “this character is unquestionably transgender.”

However that’s hardly ever the case. Gamesradar’s Sam Greer pored through countless video gaming titles and discovered just 179 video games out of the thousands upon thousands made that had any LGTB representation at all:

Of those 179 video games, just 83 have queer characters who are playable. And of those, just 8 function a primary character who is pre-written as queer rather than them being queer as an alternative. Simply 8.

That’s abysmal and we need to do much better as a society. Everybody squealing indignation over having homosexuality pushed in their face ought to consider what it would seem like if there were just 8 canonically heterosexual primary characters in all of video gaming for you to relate to.

Borderlands 3 releases next month, I’ll see you in video game.

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