A spider crab dedicates cannibalism in this plain shot from Australian professional photographer PT Hirschfield. Hirschfield took the image near Victoria throughout the molting season, in which spider crabs collect to discover security in numbers as they shed their shells and wait for the hardening of their brand-new carapaces. However typically, spider crabs are their own worst opponents. Hirschfield came across such a scene of crab-on-crab criminal activity while diving, finding one spider crab consuming another alive.

” In between bites, the Cannibal Crab and its unlucky victim looked back into my lens– one appearing bold however warranted by its requirement to feed, the other in all the resigned pathos of the last unpleasant minutes of its life,” Hirschfield composed.

Heavy things, however the resulting shot won Hirschfield the very first reward in the compact habits classification of Ocean Art2018