Why are we so consumed with self-care?

No, seriously. Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness business, Goop, deserves $250 million

One possible factor might be that, according to a current survey, Americans are the most stressed out individuals on the planet.

From The New York City Times:

In 2015, Americans reported sensation tension, anger and fret at the greatest levels in a years, according to the study, part of a yearly Gallup survey of more than 150,000 individuals worldwide, launched on Thursday.

And it’s not simply thin white females being in a steam bath, if that’s what you’re envisioning.

Critic and activist Audre Lorde reimagined the principle in the late 1980 s, composing that, for marginalized groups, “taking care of myself is not debauchery, it is self-preservation, which is an act of political warfare.”

However how available is that? Is living well something that is simply for those who are well off?

Produced by Jonquilyn Hill.