If you follow tech YouTube channels, you have actually most likely become aware of JerryRigEverything. An enthusiast bald guy called Zach Nelson puts gadgets to the (undoubtedly unscientific) test by scratching their glass, setting fire to the screens, and– the most popular bit– attempting to flex them in his bare hands.

Apple’s brand-new iPad Pro stopped working that test recently with exceptional ease, reviving memories of the iPhone 6’s #BendGate sort-of scandal. Here’s that video if you have not currently seen it.

Avoid to 6: 12 if you wish to get to the great part.

The issue wasn’t that the iPad pro bent. Older iPads bent, other tablets bend. It was how quickly it appeared to stop working.

The concern is how most likely you are to struggle with a bent iPad in the real life. To this point, some commenters called nasty. You ought to be looking after your $800+ tablet. A big and thin 11- inch tablet is more vulnerable to flexing than JerryRigEverything’s normal victims, phones. Maybe most notably, and in spite of lots of videos covering a number of years, Zach had not evaluated an iPad previously, and even anything with so big a screen.

So today, he submitted a video where he put Microsoft’s Surface area Pro 6 to the very same test. It made it through. Primarily.

While it’s uneasy the screen split throughout the scratch test– probably a larger issue than a bend test– and there was a reasonable little flexing, the Surface area Pro handled to endure the bend test. It is a bit thicker than the iPad Pro, however the bigger area alleviates that advantage. It’s most likely the chunky kickstand contributes substantially to the general structural stability.

Look, we recognize none of this is especially clinical which these are various gadgets with various usage cases. And Surface area aside, other tablets bend too
Still, a fast search reveals there have been a number of reports of bent iPad Pros throughout the interwebs– often right out of package.

I definitely do not believe the tablet is going to snap in half with daily usage, and it’s possible JerryRigEverything’s appeal– and the darn press– enhanced a small concern. However for a gadget that you’ll utilize for many years and things into a bag or knapsack frequently, it does raise issues about contortions establishing gradually. Basically, I do not believe slashing off a millimeter or more deserves that danger, particularly when it appears other tablets can endure comparable stress.

We’ll need to wait and see how this turns out– or for more bend tests to appear. However whether you believe the brand-new iPad Pro’s pliability is a genuine concern, highlighting structural weak points can have a favorable effect. After the iPhone 6 mess, Apple modified the iPhone 6S so it would not struggle with the very same issue– despite the fact that its chassis was outwardly almost similar. And I believe we can all concur a more powerful gadget is a much better one.

For now, possibly simply take a little additional care with your expensive tablet.

Released November 21, 2018– 19: 58 UTC.