As much of the world continues to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, Earth has quickly transformed into a wilder and cleaner place.

There are numerous examples where iconic monuments, typically shrouded in smog are now clearly visible as pollution clears.

The image above is of Delhi’s famous India Gate before and after the coronavirus lockdown, showing just how bad pollution previously was around the monument.

A pack of jackals has taken up a new home in Tel Aviv, Israel as they look for snacks from park goers.

Moving over to Los Angeles and you can see stark differences in both smog and traffic before vs. after coronavirus.

There are reports of Pumas coming down off the mountains and into Santiago to search for a meal as the city is shut down.

NASA put together the comparison above showing nitrogen dioxide concentrations in New England / New York before and after coronavirus. Nitrogen dioxide is a pollutant emitted from cars, industrial plants, etc.

New York City’s skyline looks significantly different in a post-coronavirus lockdown world.

Here’s a great video capturing some of the wildest moments of animals coming into shut-down cities across the world.