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Oh, Elon.

Charley Gallay/Getty images.

You ‘d believe Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, would be a pro at determining worlds and huge bodies. You ‘d believe.

However on Sunday, Musk sent a tweet that stated “INHABIT MARS.”

Twitter users fasted to explain the (undoubtedly cool) image connected wasn’t Mars at all, however a picture of the moon taken in 2018 throughout a lunar eclipse.

Musk confessed his own error, sending chuckling emoji and including, “Moon too.”

Needless to state, the goof amused Musk’s numerous Twitter fans. Composed Australian researcher Upulie Divisekera, “Hey Super Area Genius, that’s the moon in an overall lunar eclipse.”

Some made a connection in between Musk’s moon-Mars confusion and a current tweet from President Donald Trump, in which he stated NASA needs to concentrate on Mars, including, “of which the Moon belongs.”

Asked one Twitter user, “Um. are you purposefully teasing our President? Cuz if you’re not, may I?”

However possibly the very best tweet made a Star Wars recommendation. “That’s no moon,” composed a Twitter user passing Area Pirate. “No … wait … it is a moon.”