Elon Musk isn’t done making 420 jokes right now.

His newest came this weekend while exposing 60 SpaceX satellites to the general public for the very first time. Rocket business SpaceX prepares to introduce them into area for its a very first objective late Wednesday

SpaceX wishes to develop an international network of almost 12,000 satellites, part of a strong task called Starlink focused on bringing ultra-high-speed web to the world.

However getting small web protection will take simply 6 more launches of 60 satellites, Musk tweeted

If you do the mathematics, that’s 420 satellites in overall. That’s how individuals describe smoking cigarettes cannabis, something that’s gotten Musk into warm water prior to. Many notoriously, Tesla was fined $20 million by the SEC after Musk declared that he may take the electrical automobile business public at $420 a share.

When one Twitter user pointed the 420 amount out, Musk joked back about it.

“That * may * not be my fortunate number,” Musk tweeted, including an emoji of a four-leaf clover.

Musk was likewise infamously recorded smoking cigarettes a mix of cannabis and tobacco last fall while being spoken with on a podcast.

Cannabis usage is legal in California, where it took place, however NASA’s leading authorities later on openly chastised Musk about it, explaining the occurrence as “not proper habits.”