In a tweet, Saturday, SpaceX creator Elon Musk revealed that “transformation” was concerning the style of the Huge Falcon Rocket(BFR), that is being made in an effort to go to Mars.

Musk excluded any specifics of his strategy, just revealing that “SpaceX is no longer preparing to update Falcon 9 2nd phase for reusability” and would be “Speeding up BFR rather.” Musk called the brand-new style “really amazing” and “wonderfully counter-intuitive.”

Previously in November, Musk revealed that “Falcon 9 2nd phase will be updated to be like a mini-BFR Ship,” to check elements for the BFR. His newest tweet suggests that the business is completely leaning into this strategy, and is deserting formerly reported prepares to update the Falcon 9 2nd phase so that it might be re-used.

In September, Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and art collector would be the very first traveler of the BFR. In addition to 8 artists, Maezaqa means to finish a week-long objective called “ #dearMoon

The objective would start the bigger prepare for BFR, which is to ultimately make it to Mars and help in its colonization. Musk states he wishes to introduce an unmanned objective to Mars by 2022, and a manned objective by2024


Formerly, styles for the BFR consisted of a 180- feet high spaceship atop of a 230- foot-tall rocket booster that assured to raise to 150 lots of freight and ferryboat as lots of as 100 guests to Mars. It’s uncertain just how much of this is set to alter under Musk’s reported redesign.

The news follows previous reports that lots of SpaceX resources would be re-allocated towards the BFR by the end of2019