While addressing individuals’s concerns about SpaceX’s Huge Falcon Rocket on Twitter, Elon Musk compared the experience of slipping the surly bonds of Earth to Disney’s Area Mountain trip.

Musk was at first reacting to a concern about the number of guests the Huge Falcon Rocket might handle one journey to Mars– to which his response was approximately 100, although he stated it might use up to 1,000 on much shorter journeys as guests would not require cabin area.

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More Twitter users chimed in with their own concerns, consisting of the number of individuals the rocket might continue Earth-to-Earth journeys. Musk initially proposed the concept of city-to-city travel by a suborbital rocket in 2017, stating that guests might go “anywhere in the world in under an hour.”

Here is a marketing video SpaceX put out in September 2017:

One Twitter user asked whether guests would have the ability to walk around throughout the flight.

“That would be reckless,” addressed Musk. “Most likely requires a restraint system like Disney’s Area Mountain roller rollercoaster. Would feel comparable to Area Mountain in a great deal of methods, however you ‘d leave on another continent.”

In an earlier tweet, Musk stated that for Earth-to-Earth journeys, the rocket is “generally an ICBM”— a global ballistic rocket– taking a trip at “Mach 25.” Mach number describes just how much faster than sound an item is taking a trip.


For context, the Concorde took a trip at around Mach 2, indicating the Huge Falcon Rocket is substantially quicker than the supersonic plane, which was grounded in2003


And forget the concept of high-end. Musk stated all seats on his BFR would be “coach,” with “no toilets, pilot location or food galley required” throughout the flights, the majority of which would depend on 20 minutes long.