You’ll quickly have the ability to stream videos from Netflix and Hulu from Tesla control panels, stated CEO Elon Musk.

In a tweet on Saturday, Musk composed that the display screens in vehicles will “quickly” have the ability to stream YouTube and Netflix. He did not offer a specific date however the modifications might come within a couple of months and as quickly as August, he stated in a reaction to the tweet.

He stated that video streaming would just work when the cars and truck was stopped, comparable to how video games like “Cuphead” and “Super Breakout” presently work inside vehicles The guiding wheel works as the remote to play video games.

Musk has long desired Tesla vehicles to function as centers of home entertainment material. In the tweet he stated that consumers might anticipate “a surprisingly immersive, cinematic experience” due to the fact that of the cars and truck’s surround noise and chairs.

Nevertheless, the capability for Tesla to present streaming depends on regulators authorizing self-driving. In February, Musk stated he was “specific” that Tesla vehicles would have the ability to run without a motorist by the end of this year.

“I believe we will be feature-complete complete self-driving this year, implying the cars and truck will have the ability to discover you in a parking area, choose you up, take you all the method to your location without an intervention– this year,” he stated in a an interview with ARK Invest. “I would state that I am specific of that. That is not an enigma.”