Elon Musk is back on Twitter.

James Martin/CNET.

What does it require to pull Elon Musk out of his own Twitter exile? An excellent parachute test.

On Friday, the Tesla and SpaceX business owner dropped a puzzling message on Twitter stating “Uncertain about great of Twitter.” He then tweeted he was “going offline.” It just took a couple of days for him to alter his mind.

Musk retweeted a SpaceX video on Monday that reveals an effective Team Dragon parachute test Musk praised the groups that dealt with the test. “To be clear, we have actually just done 1 multi-parachute test of Mk3 style, so 9 more delegated reach 10 effective tests in a row,” Musk composed.

To reveal that tweet wasn’t a fluke, Musk then talked about a poem and responded to a reaction to a tweet of his from 2011 about rocket science.

Musk has actually vanished from the web previously, however his farewell tweets from recently were more unclear than typical. His Twitter fans were delighted at the reemergence, dropping messages like “Invite back Lord Elon” and “It was tiring without you!” in the tweet responds.

There’s some reality to that. Twitter is a more fascinating location with Musk around dropping memes, publishing Starship images and talking rockets.