SAN FRANCISCO— Seizures throughout sleep can rush memories– an initial finding that might assist discuss why individuals with epilepsy in some cases have problem keeping in mind.

The sleeping brain generally reworks recently discovered product, a nighttime wedding rehearsal that reinforces those memories. Neuroscientist Jessica Creery and her coworkers required this wedding rehearsal by playing particular noises while 9 individuals with epilepsy discovered where on a screen particular images of typical things lay. Then, while the topics later slept, the scientists played the noises to contact a few of the associated memories.

This tricky approach of enhancing memories, called targeted memory reactivation, worked as anticipated for 5 individuals who didn’t have seizures throughout the procedure. When these individuals got up, they kept in mind the photo areas reactivated by a tone much better than those that weren’t reactivated throughout sleep, stated Creery, of Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. She provided the research study March 25 at the yearly conference of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society.

The reverse held true, nevertheless, for 4 individuals who had moderate seizures, spotted just by electrodes implanted deep in the brain, while they slept. For these individuals, memory reactivation throughout sleep in fact got worse memories, making the reactivated memories weaker than the memories that weren’t reactivated throughout sleep. The mix of seizures and memory reactivation “looks like it’s in fact rushing the memory,” Creery states, a finding that recommend that seizures in some way speed up forgetting.