In the continued project versus “cool” representations of tobacco usage, Gears of War will obviously no longer consist of representations of smoking cigarettes– however there’s some confusion as obviously it wasn’t going to have any to start with.

According to a report from Range, a group called Fact Effort approached Turner, whose esports Eleague group broadcasts Gears of War This was obviously the driver for getting rid of representations of smoking cigarettes in the brand-new video game, Gears of War 5.

That’s an odd option: off the top of my head, I can just remember one character ever illuminating in Equipments of War, which was Michael Barrick. He sort of skates by, in my viewpoint, since he’s not some suave gamer character– he’s an older man who munches on a stogie. I do not think about that representation any cooler than, state, Sully from Uncharted In both cases, the character does not look cool since of the smoking cigarettes– he appears like my crotchety Polish grandpa.

This is my longwinded method of asking: why pursue Equipments of War, if certainly anybody was “pursued,” when there are numerous other cigarette smokers in video games? What about Strong Snake? Or the abovementioned Sully? Or Yakuza‘s Kazuma Kiryu, who’s been smoking like a chimney for 7 video games now?

Anyhow, chalk one up for tidy lungs, right? Well, sorta. Rod Fergusson, the head of Equipments designer The Union, stated on Twitter that there was no smoking cigarettes to eliminate from the video game at all. Fergusson has actually stated he combated difficult to keep representations of smoking cigarettes out of the series, with Barrick being an exception he permitted on sufferance.

He likewise stated in a declaration to Range, “It’s constantly been very important for me to not utilize smoking cigarettes as a narrative gadget, which is why we made the mindful option to prevent highlighting or glorifying smoking cigarettes in ‘Gears 5’ and throughout the Gears of War Universe moving on.”

This comes days after Netflix announced it would reduce on representations of smoking cigarettes in its programs after a report (likewise commissioned by the Fact Effort) revealed that tobacco usage increased after characters in stated programs smoked.

There’s some sort of humor the circumstance– Gears is a video game series that made its bones with some quite excessive gore, consisting of some innovative usages for a chainsaw. However smoking cigarettes? Oof, that’s the part that’s going to lead the children astray. Still, I will yield that with the occurrence of tobacco and relative scarcity of body-sized chainsaws makes it most likely stated children will acquire one than the other.

We have actually gotten in touch with the Fact Effort for explanation about what function they played, if any, in the video game’s advancement.