Facebook exposed recently that hackers got access to the delicate individual details of as numerous as 30 million users, triggering numerous to hurry to erase their accounts and safeguard it from any more breaches.

However Facebook is absolutely not the only site on the Web that has a chock-full of information kept on you.

Even if you was among the fortunate Facebook accounts to be spared ( you can examine if you were impacted here), it’s possible that any of the other significant sites, apps, and services– Amazon, Apple, Google, even Snapchat– might be next.

The only method to guarantee your delicate information can’t be jeopardized is by eliminating your details from the Web totally. To put it simply, if you’re truly stressed over safeguarding your information from any future hacks … now is the time to erase your account.

Here’s how to erase your represent a lot of the significant sites, apps, and services: