I’m not actually a $3,000 computer system sort of man. However when Alienware used to let me evaluate the brand-new Aurora R8 with an Intel 9 th gen processor and Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics, I rapidly turned into one.

Usually I ‘d recommend conserving yourself a grand by constructing your own system– however that’s not for everybody. In truth, as somebody with a two-year-old young child in the house, the chances of me constructing a brand-new video gaming PC anytime quickly are slim to none. However it’s tax season in the United States, which implies a few of us have a little additional cake to invest.

If you’re a severe player geek searching for an upgrade, however you’re not thinking about constructing out a brand-new system, keep reading.

The Aurora R8– in the setup I evaluated– is a beast. It’s a first-rate experience for individuals who do not do filling screens It’s so effective that I discovered myself unusually annoyed by my failure to overwhelm it. Whenever I evaluate a device, I like to see just how much it requires to bog it down.

Credit: Nicole Gray
What do I inform my two-year-old when he asks what shape this is?

After chewing through every video game I owned at the greatest settings ( GTA V, Increase of the Burial Place Raider, Battleground V, and so on) and opening half a lots apps at the same time (consisting of Chrome with about 20 tabs open), I needed to surrender. I seemed like Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV” when he recognizes that Balboa is harder than a “piece of steel.” You win Aurora R8. I can’t discover your snapping point.

However, I understand my own lies straight in my wallet. As discussed above, the evaluation system I evaluated expense $3,06499– (Edit: In the time given that our evaluation system was sent this setup has actually dropped to $ 2,77499) at Dell’s site. You can get one beginning at $895, however you’re not getting the very same maker.


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9700 K
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage: 512 GB SSD, 2TB hard disk drive
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080
  • Weight: 14.5 kg (32 Pounds)
  • Measurements: 18.6 x 14.1 x 8.3 inches

Prior to we go any much deeper into the nuts-and-bolts of the R8, let’s take a minute to talk about Alienware’s technique to visual style: it’s odd. That’s an advantage though, since Alienware’s constantly bucked the status-quo. I do not dislike the method this unusually shaped mid-size tower looks (mainly since it’s jaw-droppingly effective for such a little footprint). Thanks to its small MicroATX motherboard, the R8 is Alienware’s tiniest desktop supporting double GPUs.

However creative LED lighting does not offset the truth that this is another black/gray piece of equipment drawing the ambient light out of my workplace. I understand my imagine having all of my gizmos in electric-green is improbable, however can we a minimum of get light-gray?

Credit: Nicole Gray
Lord Vader, your computer system is all set.

Enough about the appearances. Let’s discuss who this speed-demon is for. You can do a lot on this tower– the mix of processor, RAM, and graphics make it best for style or other expert functions. However let’s be sincere: this is a device for video gaming. And it exists the R8 shines above all other systems I have actually utilized.

The Alienware Aurora R8 is a respectable service for almost any player, however it may not be the very best service for each player in the setup I examined. The crucial concern is: do you mean on video gaming in 4K? There’s a lot more that enters into it (does the RTX series of graphics cards really assist when it concerns video games that aren’t enhanced to benefit from its real-time ray-tracing capabilities?), however my experience with it informs me that if you’re not utilizing it for 4K, it’s most likely more affordable to get one with a GTX 1080 inside for a couple of quid less.

To that end, after playing GTA V with the settings maxed out and getting more than 30 FPS in marvelous 4K (about 95- ish in 1080), I can state I’m entirely hooked. I’m a $3,000 computer system sort of man now, since I have actually tasted the champagne up here in top-notch.

The white glove treatment reaches the case. The R8 has a pleasing variety of ports that must work for all however the most USB-needy setups out there. The forward dealing with USB and USB-C ports were appropriate for VR usage (just the HDMI cable television needed to go in the back) and best for my everyday requirements.

Credit: Nicole Gray

In the back there’s an array of ports:

The numerous setups readily available run the range from systems for video gaming novices, to the monster of a device that I evaluated. However one crucial factor to consider, no matter just how much you invest, is that the R8 is among Alienware’s a lot of upgradeable desktops. There’s space for development.

There are– as constantly– a couple of things I didn’t like about this computer system. For beginners, when the fans all begin at the very same time it seems like a helicopter is coming down on your area. If volume is a factor to consider for you: consider this one of the loudest.

Likewise, the little stand that clips into the bottom of the tower at its back is made from inferior, delicate plastic. It buckled when I attempted to move the PC, so now I have actually got to raise it completely off my desk to adjust its position. This isn’t a small quibble: the tower real estate a $3,000 computer system should not have inexpensive feet.

Credit: Nicole Gray

Those issues aside, it’s simple to suggest this R8 construct with Intel 9 th gen processor and RTX 2080 graphics. You do not need to fiddle with your graphics settings to squeeze efficiency out of it– simply set it to the max and go play your video games the method they were planned to be played. You’ll most likely discover some video games that’ll offer this computer system some relative problem, however they’ll be rare.

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Released March 6, 2019– 21: 21 UTC.

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