Alienware’s m17 is a tough laptop computer to pigeonhole. For all looks it’s simply a larger variation of the m15, however in practice it’s something totally various. Sure they look the exact same, however the smaller sized one just truly contends versus other video gaming laptop computers. The m17 feels developed to handle all-comers.

The size

Larger is normally much better, however it’s likewise … well, larger. Alienware and other makers have actually battled with the huge end of video gaming laptop computers for many years, however just just recently have we seen these brand-new slimmed-down styles drift towards the top of the power spectrum.

And this indicates the m17 isn’t simply for players with deep pockets. In the setup I checked– that includes the 4K screen choice, Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q style graphcs card, and an Intel core i9-8950 HK CPU at 2.90 GHz– it’s completely matched for style, video modifying, music, and photography. Plus you can toss it in your knapsack. Well, you’ll require a huge knapsack, however a minimum of it’s portable.

The appearances

The m17 appears like somebody got an m15 by its corners and extended it 2 inches. I believe this is wonderful since it indicates there’s more of the beautiful red soft-touch product covering its cover.

The remainder of the style is classy, easy, and contemporary. I enjoy the alien angles and garish logo designs, however I value how controlled today’s m-series is compared to Alienware’s older offerings. Still, I want Alienware might find out how to trim the bezels around the screen simply a hair. I’m unsure if they’re so huge since they could not squeeze all the guts into a smaller sized kind element so they simply included bezels up until the leading matched the bottom, or if it’s the screen’s fault. For whatever factor, the screen is a bit engulfed.

The power

Enough about appearances, the genuine star of the program is what’s under the hood here. This thing is a beast. I will not inform you it’s the fastest video gaming laptop computer out there– it’s not even the fastest Alienware laptop computer– however I will state that it’s quickly enough play most video games on max settings at 1080 p resolution while keeping 100 FPS or greater. And it can keeping 60 FPS at 4K resolution for many video games on the high/very high or comparable visual settings.

It’s likewise more than matched for Photoshop, 4K video modifying and making, and other likewise resource-intensive style and software application functions. This is among the couple of laptop computers I can modify 4K images, 3D videos for VR, run my whole recording studio on, or play Shadow of The Burial Place Raider with all of its visual alternatives switched on, consisting of real-time ray-tracing.

Video Gaming

The video gaming experience on the m17 exceeds just delighting in the raw power of its RTX 2080 card and Intel Core i9 processor. Thanks to its size you have the choice to take pleasure in 4K video gaming, a full-sized keyboard total with number pad, and a lot of ports for your peripherals. Do not get me incorrect though, it has to do with the power too.

Credit: Nicole Gray

I played the normal suspects: Grand Theft Automobile V, Skyrim VR, LA Noire: The VR Case Files, The Witcher 3, and Forza Horizon 4. To the video game, each played completely. GTA and The Witcher look fantastic and play buttery-smooth. The VR titles were devoid of missteps, tearing, and freezing– an uncommon accomplishment for a laptop computer. And frame rates corresponded throughout the board– over 100 for 1080 p, over 60 for 4K.

However I discovered I liked the m17 finest when I began taking out video games I normally book for using bigger screens linked to beastly desktops. Civilization VI, Overall War: The 3 Kingdoms, and NBA 2K19 all work better on a 17- inch screen than a 15, and this one has adequate power behind it to ensure I do not miss my desk.

Whatever else

Things go from excellent to completely typical once you surpass the primary selling points of the m17 This isn’t a knock, clearly Alienware needed to select thoroughly when it concerned filling the restricted area it needed to deal with within the slimline case.

The audio is satisfactory. I’ll be truthful, I was so nonplussed by the speakers that I didn’t trouble listening to music on them. They do a great task for video gaming, having all the best relocate to mimic surround noise, however there’s no zest to them. I compensated by utilizing earphones.

The fans aren’t peaceful and, under the default power profile, they’re constantly on. And I indicate constantly. If you put the laptop computer in sleep mode by pressing the power button or closing the cover, they’ll still be on. If they turned off after a couple of minutes, they’ll inexplicably kick on minutes or hours later on even if the cover stays closed. This isn’t a problem, this computer system is a beast and all comparable laptop computers run hot. However it’s something prospective purchasers ought to know. Particularly if you’re utilized to less effective rigs.

Nevertheless there is another intense area for the m17 buried below its growling graphics card and gnashing processor: the battery. Whatever magic Alienware’s handled to do has actually led to a laptop computer with a 17- inch 4K screen that can run for about 5 hours on battery power alone. Clearly this dips considerably if you’re video gaming, however otherwise it indicates you can in fact commute with this thing or utilize it at a coffee bar.

The bottom line

I like huge laptop computers and I can not lie, however this one isn’t substantial. If you’re going up you’ll enjoy the additional area, however if you have actually currently got an older 17- incher and you’re wanting to improve: you’re going to enjoy how little the m17 feels.

If you like power, it’s got plenty stuffed inside its fairly small shell. If all you appreciate is power: think about the Alienware Location m51 rather. The m17 is the much better looking design, for my loan, and its beautiful 17- inch 4K screen presses it over the top for me.

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Released May 22, 2019– 19: 43 UTC.

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