Microsoft today revealed that it was the year1985 We examined the Microsoft shop to verify this and, as Windows 1.11 was simply offered, the Redmond business’s story checks out.

Here’s the message, as we got it:

Credit: Microsoft
Authorities Microsoft Press? Or a message from The Advantage Down?

Microsoft and Netflix have actually collaborate to commemorate the release of Complete stranger Things 3rd season. As we forecasted(natch), the tech giant’s puzzling social networks posts recently about the launch of Windows were undoubtedly part of a Complete stranger Things tie-in.

To begin with, rest simple pals: this is a spoiler-free zone. If you have not viewed Complete Stranger Things yet, we will not destroy anything for you. However, the Windows 1.11 app and Complete stranger Things 3 video game most likely will, so download and have fun with care.

The Windows 1.11 home entertainment app (read: not actually an os) becomes part of the Complete stranger Things tie-in, therefore it’s brimming with Easter eggs, callbacks, and reveal referrals. Actually, it’s simply a rabbit-hole of Complete stranger Things fan-fodder covered in a glitchy, classic Windows bundle. And I definitely like it.

Every click lead to a visual banquet that can just be referred to as seeing the Advantage Down penetrate your computer system. In order to experience whatever Windows 1.11(Eleven, get it?) needs to provide, you need to resolve puzzles by clicking links within the software application that seem glitchy. Each link brings you to a brand-new ST video or other goody, and opens a couple of more. The entire app exudes with scary enjoyable; even Microsoft Paint is under a dark impact.

The Windows 1.11 app and brand-new Complete stranger Things-based Windows 10 styles are both offered complimentary on the Microsoft Shop. However the Complete stranger Things tie-ins do not end there.

Microsoft’s likewise marketing a Complete stranger Things Season 3 video game on the Windows Shop for $1999 Not just will it take you through familiar scenes from the program, it likewise broadens on the primary story. It’s a retro-inspired title that supports two-player regional co-op, so it’s absolutely worth having a look at with your preferred fellow ST fan after you’re all captured up.

And if you ‘d rather be making video games than playing them– and you live near a Microsoft Shop– you can go to the Complete stranger Things-inspired “ Camp Know Where” occasion where you’ll make your own mini-movie and code a video game with Microsoft innovation.

Lastly, if you go to a Camp Know Where occasion or play the Complete stranger Things 3 video game, you’ll be participated in a contest to win this Game cabinet including an Xbox One X:

You can likewise get in the contest by logging into Twitter and retweeting the following tweet: